Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Thrilling Flower of a Cake...Banana Cream Cake

 "What a thrill you'll get seeing a recipe flower into this luscious Banana Cream Cake!"

I would have been more thrilled if I could have been able to clearly read this recipe.  I was able to make out (or make up) most of it though.  It appeared that I was going to need a few items, cloves being one of them.  Do you know how expensive cloves are?!  Too much for me, my friend! The recipe seemed to call for cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves...basically a spice cake, right?  Well, Mrs. Betty Crocker, Mr. Duncan Hines makes a spice cake mix for the price of  4 bottles of those highfalutin cloves!
Now I don't need that ol' blurry recipe!  I'll just look at the picture and go with it.  I see spice cake mix, vanilla pudding, cool whip and bananas.

This just means I didn't get to enjoy the thrill of when the cake is cut open and having that two tiered color and flavor extravaganza.  You know how exciting vanilla cake and spice cake together can be! But I did contribute a sassy banana flower to the middle for some additional flare.
The cake turned out pretty tasty despite not having a true recipe.  It reminds me of Banana Pudding only using cake instead of Nilla wafers.  
I refuse to be a part of Betty Crocker's high priced clove conspiracy!

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