Friday, July 11, 2014

Golden Donut Sundaes

 During another vintage grocery store excursion, we found this sack of a dozen donuts from Golden Donut hailing from Columbus, Georgia.  I could not resist the king donut guy on the bag and they were only 2.29.  I thought Mr. Golden Donut King was sure to be a 1950-60 icon but the site claims they started business in the 1980's.  No matter, he is still quite adorable!

For dessert one night we set up a donut sundae bar with any and everything we had available, some of which included but not limited to were halloween and christmas sprinkles, plastic cake toppers and doo dads, chocolate sauce and glittery icing in a tube!

This is Hubs' Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs idea, "Whistle while you...Die!" where the dwarfs are happily covering the bloody skulls of their victims. 

This is PB's "Everything but the kitchen Sink-dae" which included a duck, Wonder bread, and a load of sprinkles.  You must ponder the juxtaposition and relationships within to truly understand where the artist is coming from. 

This is my "Death Clown and his Cockroach Minions" (good name for a band).  Death clown is having a meeting with the head roaches to discuss their next evil plot for taking over the world.  The ice cream and sprinkles are offerings laid at his skeleton feet and scavenged from unknowing kitchens..not much unlike your own! 

We have been doing a bunch of summer fun qualifying activities this week.  We went to the library, went to a state park, "grilled" hotdogs over the open flame of the stove, made lemonade, resurrected a dinosaur plant,  went thrifting, made a toy snow monster, ate Screwballs, made pancakes, visited several interesting grocery stores, went bowling, made pudding pops, went to the park and worked on a 'flat stanley' type photo project.  More on those things a bit later!

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Anonymous said...

I recognize the roach on the far right...and now I know where all my sprinkles went. Damn roach.