Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Fresh Made Lemonade

Leave the dishes in the sink!  Let the summer fun begin! I like to take PB on "field trips" to the older, simpler and/or international grocery markets in our town during the summer when we have more time to wander and don't need anything specific.  We keep an eye out for neat vintage styled food and product packaging and pick up a few different things to try out. 
A few days ago we took just such a field trip.  This store has been in business for 40 years and is very quaint. It's main focus is Greek foods... and lottery tickets.  As PB and I were scoping the place out, we lingered near the small produce area a bit longer than most...because I was in love with the cooler case...huge, gorgeous and chromed out!  I was trying to sneek a photo but the manager desk is right beside it.  Since we spent so much time near the cooler case PB took notice of the lemons. These lemons intrigued the boy... lemons = lemonade!  He announced he wanted to make his very own fresh lemonade before the day had ended.  So we quickly grabbed up a few lemons and headed home.
 We set up the juicing attachment on the mixer and went to "joggling".

And TA-DA!
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade in no time flat!

I had never had freshly joggled lemonade before and this stuff is great! No more powder for us!

We used a recipe from The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook 1953 edition. 
 Recipe below:

Of course, I can never look at the tips of lemons and not help but think of Amy Sedaris and her intriguing idea for prosthetic breast attachments...

( BUST photo shoot hint: cut off the tips of lemons for pert faux nipples)!

We have no plans on setting up a lemonade stand for our premier draft.  We are thinking big.  Ideas are now in the works for vast groves of lemon trees in the backyard that yield huge-as-our-heads-lemons thus making larger batches of 'ade. And as a bonus, larger lemons means even more pronounced fake nips....I call them Lemonips (I so copyright and claim that term!)!  Those we will sell at a stand!  


MySpecialAgent said...

I need to joggle some fresh lemonade around these parts.
I'll buy the lemons from your orchard if you decide to put your big dreams into action. ;)

my house is cuter than yours said...

Your on!