Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Random Acts of Happies

Yesterday while I was cleaning out some stuff, I came across a bunch of odds and ends craft supplies....pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, colored feathers, stickers, confetti, stamps, plastic easter eggs.....sounds like it's stash busting summer fun time to me! But what to make?  Some of these items brought to mind those little pom pom critters with big sticker feet I remember from when I was a kid.

So PB and I grabbed some glue and started making our own fuzzy little clan!

 We decided our pom pom soldiers are here to do good for the world.  PB wrote up nice greetings on small pieces of index cards along with covering the other side with stamps and stickers.  We then packaged up each little guy into his own egg along with a few gold stars and a happy note:

A nest of little Happies ready to be hatched:

We then loaded up the Happies and headed out to hide them for unsuspecting persons to enjoy their cheerful attributes!

First stop... The Library! We were going to leave all of them in one location but soon realized that just like actual easter eggs...people will realize that if there is one egg there are bound to be more.  We didn't want just a couple of people to seek out all of them, so we have plans on spreading out our distribution.  We are going to bring the rest of them along with us during our other summer outings and place a few here and there spreading happy cuteness to the masses!
{*}Knit Wit image only a mere serving suggestion and has very little to do with this post other than I thought it was cute and pom-pomy.

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