Monday, July 07, 2014

Household Maintenance

I have been spending a great deal of time this summer doing household maintenance tasks that have not been tended to on any regular or acceptable basis.  They are the kind of tasks that normally should just get done and they don't make a difference or get noticed unless they are neglected.  Kinda like the kitchen sink.  It goes unnoticed and accepted until it is full of dirty dishes and then it becomes an issue.  I haven't been neglecting the dishes, because I don't care to eat out of the pot with a plastic spork, but hopefully you get the idea.  An irritating part of all this work is it is not even blog-worthy.  I can't snap a picture and say "Look!  I finally got the opportunity to sweep and dust under my bed....see the 2 years worth of dust bunnies!"
But if anyone would like a recap of these exciting activities....

  •  Deep cleaned PB's bedroom, which I only can find the time to do twice a year, when the floor becomes invisible under all of his stuff, paper, and toys and getting to the dresser requires mountain climbing gear. 
  • I painted the window woodwork in my bedroom.  Someone who lived here before us thought that it would be a great idea to paint it a mossy green (which I do like that color) but changed their mind half way through and left it for us to fix.
  •  I painted the bedroom closet door white since it looked dingy next to the freshly painted windows.
  • Cleaned out and organized Hub's side of the closet and dresser drawers...finally found all of those missing socks. 
  •  I had the entire outside of the house painted along with some wood repairs.  I sat that one out.
  • We cleaned out and organized our outside storage shed that had not been touched since we moved in 3 years ago. Found some hatched and unhatched odd looking eggs...about the size of jelly beans.  Could be Krites...luckily our cats are armed.
  • Hauled off almost 2 car loads of pure junk to thrift stores.
  • Currently we are resurfacing our wood the 100 degree heat of Florida.
  • Slowly tackling yard the 1000 degree heat of Hell.
While I am glad to have some projects getting taken care of, it's the kind of stuff that should have been getting done anyway so I can't toot any horns over it.

I realized today that we only have 6 weeks til school starts back and PB and I have not done hardly any fun summer activities.  I tried to convince him that raking up the old paint chips*  is what all the cool kids are doing this summer but he is not buying it.

*Before any "concerned citizens" out there start chiming in, the previous paint was lead free and I don't allow PB to eat too much of it!


Anonymous said...

At least now you can enjoy the rest of your summer with a clear conscience! I, myself, have been feeling very morally upright since I painted my bathroom last week and that should last me till the Fall!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Yes! Thank you! The dust bunnies can wait til August! So can the dishes...what's so wrong with sporks anyway!?