Monday, May 25, 2015

Applesauce Cake

Welcome to a 'The Andy Griffith Show' inspired recipe!

Applesauce Cake 
Inspired from: Andy saves Gomer
Season 4, episode 23

Aunt Bee: I'm doing my baking today.  Now, which would you rather have --applesauce cake or angel food cake? 

Andy: Oh, either one. 

Aunt Bee: Well, you choose which.  You can have your favorite.

Andy: Ok....Applesauce cake.

 Aunt Bee: I think I will make Angel food cake. I have a lot of egg whites.

(excerpt from The Andy Griffith Show  "Andy saves Gomer" Season 4, episode 23 )

I have always thought that Andy should have gotten the Applesauce cake he asked for so that's what I made!

I used a recipe from Betty Crocker's New Cook Book circa 1961.


I added sliced almonds on the top.
This cake is soooo yummy!  I now see why Andy asked for it!

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