Friday, May 01, 2015

School of Fish Sushi Candy Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes a couple of days ago for one of PB's teacher's birthday.  
The teacher happens to loves sushi and I love making clever and cute confectioneries, so it worked out nicely.
I (obviously) did not come up with this candy sushi idea as it is all over the nets...(half a powdered sugar donut, swedish fish, and green fruit roll up) ....but let's talk about that green fruit roll up shall we?
It's not available ....anywhere!  Betty Crocker should really package it just for the people out there that want to make this and call it Faux Nori Roll Up.  The website shows a product called Flavor Mixers that has a small section on each roll up as green.  I needed far more than that...I mean I got 48 cupcakes to make here! Not only that but no store in my town even carried this product.
I was not going to let this hold me back from this sushi cupcake idea!
I found a recipe to make my own fruit roll ups that really turned out great (just apple sauce and jello).
I found the recipe at Stuff of Success.
I don't own a food dehydrator so I used my oven at the lowest setting for about 10 hours.  They taste far better than 'real' fruit roll ups.
Possibilities with different flavors of jello and addition added food colorings (or lack of) abound!

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