Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Goofy Golfin' Gala

 Saturday, May 9th was National Minigolf day!
As it was also Mother's day Weekend (yes, that's official) and since I expect to be pampered, we headed out to Ft. Walton Beach to have some Goofy Golf Fun!
Circa 1958!
 Mama and Kid! 
Appropriate for Mother's Day!

 I love the rocket shaped ash trays...until I realized people actually used them.

These are the only cigarettes I am interested in. They sell them at the Goofy Golf snack bar for only 25 cents! 

Also as part of my pampering, Hubs got up super early on Sunday and scored us some yummy donuts from a new local bakery shop before all the best ones sold out...which happens within a hour or so of them opening.
I got some super awesome gifts too!
A Grumpy Cat paperdoll book, a Pee-wee Herman unofficial history/episode guide book, and  a vintage Disneyland Alice in Wonderland miniature ride car.

Save the date!
 Find a Minigolf near you to practice up for World Mini Golf day coming up Sept 21, 2015!

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