Friday, May 08, 2015

Fan"Stache"tic Teacher! Teacher Appreciation Week 2015

Our last theme we did was "Our Teachers are Fan"Stache"Tic!"
Get it?...Fantastic and Mustache.
I made the above badges for the teachers to wear. All the kids (and teachers) got fake mustaches to wear for the day.

I made books for the teachers with the kid's faces on each page. I then had the kids write why they think each teacher is fan-stache-tic! I told them to also draw a mustache on their faces...some went a bit overboard and turned themselves into Sasquatch. 

I made some fan-stache-tic banners for their desks.

I also made each teacher a coffee mug with a couple of mustache styles.  When they drink out of the mugs, the mustaches should appear to be on their faces. The image I saw on pinterest showed everything to work out that way....
Lastly, each teacher got a Starbucks gift card to try their new mugs out with.

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