Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Sea Monkey Day!

 Yes, It's a National Holiday!

Let's celebrate with first learning some Fun Facts!

* Sea Monkeys have been around since 1957.
* Sea Monkeys are actually hybrid brine shrimp.
*They are named Sea Monkeys because of their monkey-esque tail.
*You can tell the males from the females! Males have 'whiskers' under their chins.
*  Sea Monkeys went to space in 1998.

Need more factoids?  Read this.


To celebrate the day I actually spotted a full sized real sea monkey in the ocean!
I think this one was from the circus carnie kit.
 We can tell it is male by the whiskers on it's chin!
Ha!  It is actually Hubs wearing a Sea Monkey head piece I made from craft foam, pipe cleaners, and a head band.  I also drew on some Sea Monkey chest scales with a black marker to enhance the look.

How do you plan on celebrating Sea Monkey day?

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