Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Andy Griffith Show 'The Pickle Story'

To properly celebrate National Pickle Week a screening of The Andy Griffith Show's episode The Pickle Story, is a must!
I brought it to PB's school for the kids to see.
 I am trying to introduce them to the finer things in life! 

A brief synopsis in case you aren't in the know:
 Aunt Bee is a wonderful cook but she just can't seem to make a tasty pickle. She's at it again, though, putting up another batch for the boys, who have never had the heart to tell her they taste terrible. Rather than choke down any more of her "kerosene cucumbers", Andy, Barney, and Opie substitute good store-bought pickles for her bad homemade ones. Having lost to Clara Johnson in the best pickles contest at the fair eleven years in a row, Bee thinks her latest batch is a winner and decides to enter. Knowing it would be unfair to the other contestants, especially Clara, for store-bought pickles to be entered, the boys must eat every one of the substitutes so Aunt Bee will have to make another batch of her own for the contest.

The Pickle Story is my favorite episode.  I have read that it was Don Knotts favorite as well.

There are sooo many favorite lines in this episode.  Our most favorite line/scene is when Barney is trying to sneak out with the suitcase of the bad pickles and gets somewhat caught by Aunt Bee:

"Uh..Uh..Trip that's right.  I'm going on a trip. That's right, I'm going to visit my ...cousin. I'll be back tomorrow though.  You don't know him, and he don't have a phone so there's no use trying to call him up to check on it."

Watch the episode and go wild with allspice!

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