Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Scoops Ice Cream

For our 3 day vacation to NC with family last summer I did a lot of planning.  We did all of our Mayberry 'repeat offender' things we always enjoy doing...Walking around downtown Mt. Airy, visiting Opie's Candy Shoppe, perusing the Andy Griffith Museum, eating at Snappy Lunch, and visiting Wally's Filling Station and Courthouse... But I also seeked out a few new places for us to visit as well.  
Scoops Ice Cream was one of those new things to try out.  I don't even remember how in the world I found out about this place! 
It is so fun!  The main part is a permanently parked vintage ice cream truck.  I can't recall the different options and sundaes they offered but I am sure fun names were involved.

Lots of fun vintage quirky stuff all over the grounds.

The guy who owns Scoops is an artist who made the sitting areas and decor from old salvaged metal parts.

Decorative sculpture fountain with rubber duckies!

The owner's house is on the land.  Behind his home, into the woods along a winding path, he has a sculpture park.  Some of the sculptures are interactive and make fun noises and movements. Ice cream, art, vintage stuff...the only things missing for me are donuts and dinosaurs!

They don't have a website so here is their basic info.  They are opened seasonally...the "ice cream season" of May thru October:

Scoops Ice Cream
5091 West Pine Street
Mount Airy, NC 27030
(336) 352-3113

 I gathered some links below from a past trip we took to the area with places we visited that were un-Andy in nature.  The Bright Leaf Drive-In is gone and so is the Mt. Airy Diner though.

The Derby
Bright Leaf Drive-In
Mt. Airy Diner
Eng and Chang Bunker Siamese Twins Exhibit

This is our last stop in Mount Airy but there is still one more place to hit up, so just hold it for a few more miles til we get there!

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