Friday, September 09, 2016

The Derby

The Derby Restaurant is a place my mom and I happened to stumble on when we visited Mount Airy, NC in 2006.  It wasn't a place that was listed on the "Visit Mt. Airy" brochure at the time.  It is where the locals eat and a bit off the beaten path of town.

Photo of  The Derby circa 1947 when it was updated with a 'modern' building

We always stop in for dinner when in town. (Lunch is always at Snappy Lunch! though)

It's such a neat place.  The cute derby hat shaped building that was out in front isn't there anymore unfortunately.  It was torn down some time in the 1960's.

One of my favorite things to do while at The Derby is to get my fortune on the penny scale located in the foyer area.
Since it was over a year ago when we went to The Derby last I can't remember what my fortune was!

However, I would think the shelf life of these fortunes probably expire after a year any way.  

There is a really old Sealtest Ice Cream sign on the side of the building.  Could be from the 1947 time frame? It also mentions Caudle's Super Market which I'll bring up in the next post.

See my 2006 Derby Visit post for more pics!

The Derby is definitely the place to go to get a true feeling of small town.  It's the "Cheers" of Mount Airy sans liquor.  You'll have to hunt down some of Otis Campbell's suppliers for that! 

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