Friday, September 23, 2016

Spud and the Gang

"I'll take the Mr. Potato Head set!" 
One of my favorite lines from The Andy Griffith Show episode: Aunt Bee, The Warden.
For my birthday this year, that's the line I used when asked what I wanted for my present. 

 Yay! Vintage 1952 Mr. Potato Head Set! Potatoes and anthropomorphic attributes kinda became my birthday theme this year.  Makes sense...Potatoes are yummy and everything is more fun with googly eyes.

Hubbs got me a super awesome collection of not only Mr. Potato Head but his usual gang of perishable vegetation: Oscar Orange, Pete Pepper, and Kooky Cucumber. Yes, I am aware that Pete is wearing a dress, heels, and lipstick...He's a transvestveg!

The kit was originally for making garden folks from actual produce. My collection came with all sorts of extra parts from other sets: eyebrows, mustaches, pipes, hats, glasses, and a wig for covering old lady Tater's bald head.

Also included in the box was this insert pamphlet about making "Spud-ettes" such as Bushy Bear and Dinkey Donkey.  The accessories for these guys didn't make it to my set sadly.   I really wanted to make that onion headed Piggly Wiggly.

While constructing these guys with their plastic bodies and pre-punched body sockets is "fun for every member of the family", I decided to try out the original idea of real fruits and veggies.
Here we have Ted "All Ears" Tangerine, Sinead O' Tater, and Andy Rooney Apple.

Shown within the 'How To" guide for making the Mr. and Mrs. PH was this birthday cake serving suggestion.  
Don't mind if I do!

As I mentioned earlier, I went with a potato theme for my birthday. My cake is make from sweet potatoes (recipe here) and I topped it with crushed potato chips. Spudarific!

(p.s. this plastic good luck cockroach is a guest not a pest)

I had a whole evening planned which involved wearing a potato sack dress.

Listening to The Ventures instrumental "Mashed Potatoes".

And gathering the gang for a good old fashioned potato peeling party!

But in the end I went with munching on a big bowl of tater tots and couch potatoed myself while reading " 250 Ways of Serving Potatoes".

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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Love your birthday gift! What fun! You always have the best themes!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn for the birthday well wishes! I had way grander plans for more potato and eye ball laden fun but just didn't go with it. Been busy working on painting and decorating the kitchen though! Finally picked a color and have been digging through all sorts of old boxes in storage for nick nacky stuff for decor. However, I am now putting the house decorating projects on hold because HALLOWEEN is nigh! Priorities!