Monday, September 19, 2016

Lunch Time Ring Side!

Wrestling has been 'the thing' between PB and Hubbs for a long time and fairly constant over the last 8 years. PB has a storage bin full of wigs and hats and other dress up stuff that he uses for his many personas. When PB was little (5 years old) he came up with his first character's name (The Green Gobbler) with matching appropriate outfit (a green Mexican wrestling mask and a big plastic gold chain) on his own.  Generally Hubbs is also required to don a get-up from his supplies as well.   PB would then have Hubbs bring the bedroom mattress into the living room for the Smack Down challenge.
Recently it's been Wrestle Mania at our house again due to some new video game PB and Hubbs play together.  I am not into video games but I do like that this particular one is introducing him to the classics like Rowdy Roddy Piper and Andre' the Giant.

I decided to turn this mutual interest into something crafty. Even though PB is in middle school he still likes for me to put little lunch note kinda deals in his lunch bag.  I try to make them fun and relate to something we have experienced in the recent.  Last Halloween I made a little future telling magic 8 ball container that held inside a 'Yes, No, or Maybe' cookie (Mystifying Oracles of Butter Rings) to reveal his answer.  I also made a Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Treat Holder.  Another time I wrote out David Letterman "facts" like "The refrigerator, the microwave, and the Slurpee machine were all invented by fat guys."  I tend to steer clear of those boring printables from online that say "Dream big today!".  PB and I actually make fun of that sooo maybe I will have to do those in the future...with stickers of rainbows and puppies on them!  Ha!  File that one away for later!

Back to wrestling.  For this fun lunch bag deal I went with the idea of collecting trading cards of various cool wrestlers from yesteryear! Seen below between Cactus Jack and The Million Dollar Man is the little pocket folder I made to hold the cards.  I put a printed vintage image depicting a pack of trading cards on the front and back.  I then laminated it for moisture protection.  Each day for the next few weeks I will add a new printed trading card to the folder.

Collect Them All!!!
 Jake the Snake!  George "The Animal" Steele! Junkyard Dog!

  A couple of years ago we actually rode in an elevator at the Los Angeles airport with The Million Dollar Man!  We also got to meet Sargent Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan at a convention around the same time. PB's all time favorite wrestler is Mick Foley....and Ladies and Gentlemen! Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy is going to be at a comic convention next year in a city near us!!

To make this little fun pack it's really simple, as you may have guessed:
Everything is just printed paper of images from the internet. I made the pocket folder from cardstock.
Print, Cut, Trade!

When I was a kid growing up I LOVED WWF wrestling!  I always watched the Rock n' Wrestling cartoon on Saturday mornings. I have a feeling the cartoon is probably not as great as I remember it though.   I may try to talk PB into watching it with me.  Only he isn't as easily entertained as I used to be at his age...or even my current age!

Example: I have watched this commercial about 10 times in a row and could do so several more times.  I love it!

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