Friday, September 28, 2018

Boston Mosaic Tile Craft by Number

I picked up this adorable vintage Boston Terrier craft kit at an estate sale last year.
PB and I worked on it together for some fun summer craftin'.  He disagrees with it being a blast and ditched me after the first ear formed. I kept at it though!

The kit comes with pre-cut little plastic tiles, grout, and the mosaic board.   

"Tiles stick like magic!"

The board is suppose to have a clear film that is peeled back exposing a tacky substance for easy placement of the tiles. After 70 years the film and glue have merged into one so we used glue to adhere the tiles.

I loved the crinkly cellophane staple ended bag the plastic bits came in.

A serving suggestion!

After gluing down the tiles the next step is to rub the included grout into the crevices.  The grout has become a rock so I am going to have to figure out another solution...a cheap solution that doesn't leave me with a sack of grout I won't ever use again.  
In the mean time I'll just have to hang up this cutie groutless!

And if sweet Bostons aren't your thing....
Browse the wide selection of colorful subjects to suit every individual taste:

I'll take a "Mexican Siesta", "Rooster at Sunrise", "Madonna and Child"...

..."Japanese Landscape and an "Oriental Paddy Boat".

This mosaic kit reminds me of a color episode of Andy Griffith called "Otis The Artist".  Otis takes up mosaic making and puts away his hooch..only to discover he does his best work "gassed"!


Jenn said...

That is adorable! I love it! Hmmm...the only thing that comes to mind for an inexpensive grout alternative would be white toothpaste, but I don't think that's what you have in mind! lol!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I think I like that idea actually! Then it could also serve as a minty air freshener!