Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Brew Ha Ha

For my birthday dinner we went to a quirky little place called Brew Ha Ha.  It's got vintage bits and bobs hanging up everywhere.  This little area is in front of the bathroom.  On the doors are 1980's video game arcade console pieces of Mrs. Pac Man (for the ladies) and Pac Man (for the dudes).

Of course this huge metal milk container sign was my most favorite thing!

I liked how this vintage "Go to the head of the class" board game was displayed.

In the bathroom there is a set of old school lockers, a metal desk chair, and the walls are decoupaged with pages from old year books.

The lower section is from the 1940s.

I had to get a photo next to the milk.  It should be in my house. 


Jenn said...

What a super cool place! Plus it has a great name! lol!

my house is cuter than yours said...

It had a bunch more neat items but I didn't want to look like "Zeke from down by the creek" taking pictures of everything. They had one of my favorite dishes...chicken and waffles. Delicious!!!

Jenn said...

You'll just have to go back and take more pictures another time :)