Thursday, September 20, 2018

General Electric Hair Dryer

Life Magazine January 27, 1967

Sleeping with curlers or bobby pins in your head all night is not always comfortable.  I watched a hair style video that claimed having one of these home hair dryer deals could get your hair dry and ready to come out of rollers in 30 minutes. 30 minutes!!! As opposed to all night being poked in the brain by metal clips. So, I have been on a hot pursuit at thrift stores for the past couple of months to locate one of these miracle workers.  I really wanted one of those plastic bonnet deals that are contained in a small suitcase (easy storage and more concentrated heat).  I used to see those all the time a couple of years ago at thrifts but not anymore.

I was able to find this model from 1967 for 8 bucks though!

It's "remote control"  is on a cord.

It all packages up well.. only not as small as the suitcase models do.

I love the detail of the star bursts design and the font of "Hair Dryer".

The results are ....
I recently had to get a new driver's license which was a big undertaking to prepare for.  The postcard that came to my house told me I was going to taking an eye exam, and possibly a road and written test.  I also had to bring a crap ton of personal papers (birth certificate, proof of all name changes notarized, several forms of photo id, several proofs of residence...)  I didn't have half of these things so that was an ordeal on it's own. I know, I know, what does this have to do with the hair dryer...I'm getting to it.  The part of this driver's license fiasco that really struck fear in me was having to take those tests!  I haven't had to drive or prove knowledge under scrutiny since my high school Driver's Ed course...and that wasn't  just yesterday by any means.  Add into this that I wanted my hair to look amazing on my driver's licence.   I happened to find a website with sample test questions and another site with the entire Driver's Handbook on PDF.  My brilliant idea was to tend to two things at once.  I decided to set up my hair dryer at the computer table and study while my do was getting did.
The outcome is studying with hot loud air around your ears is distracting.  I kept the bonnet on for 45 minutes and when I unfurled the rollers my curls were limp.  It could be I should sit under it longer, I do have really long thick hair.  Or maybe I was leaning forward and lost out on some of the bonnet air heat action.  I don't know.  The results are I will have to try it out again maybe after I get a hair cut or can sit still.

Since the hair dryer failed me I had to completely re-roll and set my hair the night before the test.  On the day of the test, it rained and the heat and humidity produced a sauna effect outside, never good for curls.  However I had one hairstyle I had been working on learning that is an up-do and worked somewhat best for these conditions.  Long story long, I didn't wind up having to take the road or written test and my hair looked pretty damn good in the tiny blurry photo on my new license!

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