Monday, September 24, 2018


"A Waverly Bonded Fabric, "Seventeen", Registered # 621182
A Waverly Bonded Glosheen"

Also part of my Coiffure Affair Birthday party, I wanted to show this bit piece of vintage fabric I used as a table covering for a small cabinet I didn't get a photo of.   It's where the gifts are usually.  More on that below.

I love that hot dog graphic. I think that's shredded cheese hoovering over the top of it.

I plan on using the fabric to maybe make a shirt.  There isn't much of it so the front would be in this fabric but the back would have to be in a coordinating color.

Getting back to gifts, I got some great stuff!  An Ugly Doll ceramic plate and cheese knife, a vintage train menu from Las Vegas, a vintage necklace and ear ring set, Tiny Toons on dvd, a enamel pin of the devil fortune machine from Twilight Zone's Nick of Time, and two books of 1940's and 50's fashion patterns.  My mom got me a June's Miracle Cleaning cloth that I am in love with!
Doing my hair is a hobby but cleaning is my passion!

One last birthday post coming up on Wednesday.

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