Monday, September 05, 2005


So here is the start of showing off what has been keeping me up LATE every night recently. I just got back from the Drive Invasion. It was soo much fun! We Dixie Dolls busted out ALOT of trinkets in a two week time frame to sell there. Below is a sample of some of the trinkets I made(like I said "sample". I made a few of each design of most) :

Charm Bracelets

Tack PinsEar Rings

Bottle Cap Pendant Necklaces

Bottle Cap Magnets

Hair accessories
Most of the things are made from either shrinky dinks, plastic dice beads or involved bottle caps. I loved making the bottle cap art, it was addictive....Between me and Kat (of the 'Dolls) we probably made about 75 of them (we had about 30 different images from pin up's to vintage sci- fi movie illustrations). Kat also did the resin in the bottlecaps, made some of the earings and together we did the hair bows. We kept having favorites and saying 'I hope you don't sell because I want you!' Working with dinks was a pain in the ass, it took alot of experimenting to find a medium to use on them that I was the most happy with (colored pencils). We also put resin in the bottle cap pendants......Let's just say, resin is not our friend!
We did okay on sells. We sold alot of the dice ear rings and the bottle cap magnets. They were the cheapest stuff we had but nothing was over $8. So we still have alot of stuff to sell. I was thinking about trying to do something with selling over the net. There isn't alot of folks in our town that would like our style of stuff.
Below is a picture of a gal named Kristin. She actually bought one of my OOAK necklaces. It had two swallows on the sides and a Sailor Jerry heart with flowers and leaves in the middle and additional black decorative beads. Kinda like the bracelet at the very top.
And here is my necklace in action on the stage with BIG SANDY! Kristin saw me out in the audience and started pointing to the necklace while she was dancing! I was so happy, made me feel like it was a little part of me up their shaking my ass next to that 'hot damn' fine man!
I hadn't seen Big Sandy (due to no venue in my town for a few years) since he sung 'happy birthday' to me by a secret request given to him a few years back. I learned recently that another secret request was going to given to Big Sandy on this trip for him to sing it again at this show ( my b~day is wed.) but he couldn't be found prior to the show to ask.  I did get my picture taken with Big Sandy though! I'm on the left and that's Kat on the right. Rawl!!


Belly said...

wher can i buy ur trinkets? u hav ani online store?

big_girlfeet said...

wow!! i love your jewellry!!
(and i agree about shrinky dinks- so cute yet so much work for what they are...!)