Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Heart Cute Spooky Stuff

I'm soooo excited! Halloween is approaching! I just went to Target and they have got some stuff out! I love Target's Halloween stuff and this year's looks like it's going to have some cute err... Scary stuff. I am going to be out of town the whole month of October so I've decided to start doing all my Halloween posting this month. The things shown on here today are from christmastraditions. I love that Owl and it's saying! Their prices are not too, too bad but you really can DIY alot of this stuff if you can reproduce or have images similar to the theirs.
I don't quite know what these are for but they would look cool put together on a strand side by side and hung over a doorway or attach a long stick to the back and jab them in the dirt of a pot of a house plant. Make out of construction paper and crepe paper.

This is a decoration to put on a 'Halloween tree'. Would also make an awesome party invite.
SOOO DIY! Orange glitter, black pipe cleaner with orange glitter on it, construction or crepe paper and photo copy of a spider on a web.

Martha did this silhouette thing a few years back. Cheap wood frames painted black (look at dollar Tree or Thrifts). I think the back ground could be done by rubbing chalk over a brown or black piece of construction paper and then trace and paint in the silhouette. That does sound like lot of work now that I am thinking about it..

Isn't this cute in a strange sort of way? The little boy's expression says "mom, do I have to be a big fat silly clown again for Halloween?, I wanted to be ' insert whatever little boy's think is cool here', (I'm not even going to try~I was going to put He-Man, but that's really dating me)! I want to make one of these just so I can put pumpkin butt's picture on it. I'm guessing styrofoam ball, extra fuzzy chenille pipe cleaners, decorative papers and trims.

I am also in the process of setting up something to sell the trinkets. To get on the mailing list for the update write to me at dixiedollmary(at)gmail(dot)com.

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