Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Scrap Crafty~Foil Pan Jewelry

I wanted all the Scrap Crafty' s for this month to be Halloween related. The foil pan jewelry would be a great and cheap way to make some accessories for a costume. I found this in "Pack-o-fun" Feb. 1971.

Adding glitter to the glue jewels would be neat. I also think that the bracelet could be cut from some sort of plastic container or maybe from a cardboard Pringles containers. Cutting up a metal can only sounds like a trip to the emergency room.
Aluminum foil also could be used to cover objects to be turned into props. For a royal costume a scepter could be made by covering a stick with foil then a small ball of aluminum foil on top, decorate with scraps of ribbon. A crown could also be fashioned from foil pans or aluminum covered cardboard. (Does Burger King still give out paper crowns? If so, one of those could be used as a template or just covered in foil) A chest plate for a gladiator could be made from posterboard (as a base) then covered in aluminum foil decorated with embossing and jewels. Use grey or black duct tape to make the straps.
I am all about making costumes as cheap as possible. When planning a Halloween costume look for things already at hand that with a little imagination can be transformed into a part of the costume. Thrift stores are a great place to get clothing or props. Just add a little trim or other details to spiff them up. There's nothing wrong with buying or renting one key piece from a costume shop (like a Napoleon wig, I saw them at Spencer's and I think target has a knock off) but don't get sucked into buying the whole outfit from there...not that is a hint about halloween costuming for this year...

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