Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Scrap crafty~Marshmallow Creatures

I love Scrap Craft! It is so great for holiday and party decorating when you're on a budget! It's also great to keep the little hands around the house busy!
Shown above are "Marshmallow Creatures". These would be really fun for a child's Halloween party. This idea is from the "pack-O-fun" magazine, Oct. 1971. "pack-O-fun" is still made today and I have seen it for sale at Hobby Lobby. Here are the instructions:
"Push marshmallow heads on top of soda straws, about 3" long. Draw on features with a toothpick dipped in frosting, or use frosting directly from a tube. Use frosting for gluing. The devil's horns are halves of candy corn; the witch's hat is the top of a paper cone. Use cone-shaped paper drinking cups for the bodies of the creature, or you can make a cone from a 4" square of fairly stiff paper. Cut the tip of of the cone and insert the soda straw down through it. For fancy, dressed-up creatures, make full crepe paper skirts. To make each skirt, take a strip of colorful crepe paper about 3" wide. Gather along one edge and secure it around the soda straw body with a rubber band or string. From paper, cut out small ovals for the creatures' arms. Cut long, jagged ovals for the owl's wings. Glue all in place."
If you were like me... I had no idea what kind of creature that was on the bottom right. Oh, it's an Owl!? I'm glad they cleared that up! I also don't think that toothpick dipped in icing is such a good idea. I think using different shaped candies and cereals would be a better idea.
I am thinking about doing a post every Wed. called "Scrap Crafty". If anyone ever makes any of my ideas email me a pic and I'll put it up along with the corresponding post!

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