Friday, September 16, 2005

What started it all~Ham Asparagus Shortcakes

I had been collecting these old cookbooks and booklets for a while just to look at the pictures. Three years ago, I found the cook booklet shown above, 'Cooking with Condensed Soups', at the Sal-Army. I was flipping through it and found a picture of a hideous looking meal~Ham Asparagus Shortcakes. I thought to myself, Did people really eat this stuff and what did it taste like? I then, made it my mission to make that particular dish for dinner that night.
The recipe called for cream of asparagus soup which wasn't being made anymore ( however, I just saw it recently). So I added green food coloring to cream of chicken soup. Looks ever more hideous than the real photo! I must admit i didn't care for it. It was only a photo prop for me. Ha Ha!

Ham Asparagus Shortcakes

6 shortcakes baked
1 can (1 1/4 cups) condensed cream of asparagus soup
1/4 cup of milk
3/4 cup diced cooked ham
3 hard boiled eggs, sliced

Make shortcakes from packaged biscuit mix (omit sugar) ; bake, split and butter. Meanwhile, combine soup and milk; mix well and heat. Add ham and cook slowly for 5 minutes. Add egg slices just before serving, saving several to garnish shortcakes. Place half of the ham filling between shortcakes and the other half over the top. Garnish with remaining egg slices and serve hot. 6 servings.

I had so much fun making the dish and taking photos. And there is where the madness started! Did you notice that on the cover is a cake...And it's a booklet on cooking with soup! I need to look that recipe up for sure! Maybe it's actually a meat loaf with mashed potatoes for "icing"......Very interesting....

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suburbansider said...

Hi there, I only recently discovered your blog. I love the name and all the retro stuff you do but please, please tell me what the cake on the front of the soup book is about! It looks yummy but is there soup involved? I have some retro cookbooks too but I have never gone as far as cooking and styling the food exactly as shown. Yours turned out so fantastic!The photo is great!