Monday, May 12, 2014

Hubs (Doh!) Birthday

 Since the fam and I went to Springfield (The Simpson's area of Universal Studios) at the beginning of the year, "Wadded Beef" has become a term used quite often around the house in conversation.  So it only made sense to put a birthday spin on it because Hubs is such a big Simpson's fan!

He had a Wadded Birthday Cake !
I decorated a large aluminum can to resemble the wadded beef one from the show.
I baked a sheet cake, iced it in classic Simpson's pink donut colored icing and sprinkles.....mmmm.... donuts with sprinkles..... 
And, well, wadded up the cake, put it in the can, and stuck some candles in it.
I also made us Creamed Eels (empty cans) as our container to eat the cake out of.

mmmmm.....wadded cake.....

and as an added bonus!  Lego just released Simpson  minifigs!
But don't forget to take your American Express though, because buying the entire 16 figure set will set you back over 60 bucks.


MySpecialAgent said...

It will set you back $60 only if you get all 16 in your first go 'round! ;)
They are adorable, though. I had to ask myself if I really need to start another toy collection.

my house is cuter than yours said...

I am a bit of a master at squishing those minifig bags to figure out who is in which. The Milhouse and Ralph threw me for a bit... same accessory, same body structure. but figured out the feel of Ralph by his itty bitty nose (think 3 ears). They are expensive though. I can foresee a second set coming out... I mean, no Moe!? no Barney!? no Comic book guy?! ugh..