Sunday, April 19, 2015

Remove Wrenched Ankle!

So why did I dress up as a female Creature from the Black Lagoon, enter a contest and then win ?  For what?!
A weekend pass to a Comic Con that had representatives from my all time favorite modern television show, that's what!
Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff!!!!

One of my favorite episodes is Ring of Terror (Episode number 206).

"Well Joel, today's film is a plotless little peccadillo called "Ring of Terror".  It's about some of the oldest medical students in history.  Chomp on it but don't choke!"

I love the invention exchange made by the mads.
"It's an exciting foray into self-surgery.  All you need is a willing subject (TV's Frank) , a can of nitrous oxide, and an oversized version of the game Operation."
Yeah that's me!!! With Trace and Frank!!!!
Look!  Frank and I are shoe matchers!!!

 I made a home version MST3K style Operation complete with TV's Frank face to bring to the convention.

This is a pic that Trace took and put on his twitter page!

When Frank saw the altered game he said in his monotone Tv's Frank voice "It's great.  It's really great."

Trace and Frank also did a MST3K panel where fans could ask them questions and/or make comments. My Hubs did the sweetest thing when he spoke to them during the panel.  He told them about our first date which was to see a horrible (and very MST3K worthy movie) called "The Relic".  He said he knew he had met the girl he wanted to marry when at the end of the movie we both said at the same time "No Relic 2...Electric Boogaloo!" Trace said we were a "match made in riffing".

Here are a few close ups of the game:


The goofy game for dopey doctors!
All I did was print out a pic of Tv's Frank and smush it on over the nose.
TV's Frank lit!
"Noooooo! Why?!  Why?!"

It's not visable in the photo of me above with Trace and Frank but I was wearing my "Monster A Go Go" (episode 421) t-shirt!

I really have to give a huge Thank You to my husband's best friend and my best friend's husband (if you can follow that) Mike.  He is the creator and CEO of this Comic Con and arranged for them to be at it.
I am going to be leaving this post up for a bit because this is absolutely a dream come true getting to meet these guys.  I like to stare at it..."I like it very much."

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