Monday, May 23, 2016

Beats Going Out!

I think it's really fun to find products that have been around awhile and are still available.  
Hubs and I have been watching a bunch of old black and white commercials lately and one came on for Chef Boyardee Pizza kit in a box.  He was all beside himself with nostalgia for it and on a recent trip to the grocery store...yes, it's still around!
 The above ad is from 1960 and shows a more realistic expectation of what you are going to get.  Beats going out?

  The newer advertisements on the box fronts are a pack of lies, showing a gooey cheesy pizza. That's just their suggestion to 'make it your own' by adding real cheese and toppings. You aren't going to get that with the powdered Parmesan cheese included in the kit.  But the sauce does have built in little pepperonis.
I decided to make the box more awesome by pasting an image of a vintage pizza kit graphic over the front.  Serving suggestion now really looks true to life!

 We first made the pizza 'not making it our own' for these photos.  We then added more cheese and some toppings before actual consumption.  
Verdict: It was really good, and did beat going out since Hubs and I decided to make it "Stay in our jammies and watch MST3K all day Day" when we made this.

Here is the much cuter box front if you decide to cover the modern ugly lies one for yourself!

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