Monday, May 09, 2016

Pointie Cutie Kittie

Meet Pointie Cutie Kittie! and he is a widdle adorawable dowling!

Hubs asked me if I could make something as a gift for a work friend of his that is expecting a baby boy in the very near future.
I happened to come across the free pattern for pointy kitty while looking for ideas.

side view.

Yes I did. Cat butt.  Not a feature on the original pattern.

The main fabric was left over from an apron I made waaay back.

The original pattern for Pointy Kitty had a less expressionistic mug.  I love how his face came out and all the whiskery bits I added.
To date this is the most involved stuffed critter I have made.  It came together fairly well with the only problems being ones I brought on myself.  I wound up pushing through/splitting the seams on two legs and had to unstuff him and then restitch the legs.  This meant the newly stitched leg was now shorter than it's partner...which meant I had to unstuff everything and redo all the ends of the legs so he wouldn't be wobbly.  He actually is still a bit off but we can blame his imbalance on his melon sized head.  His adorawable melon sized head.

Here are a few posts on crafted baby paraphernalia or stuffed critters that I have made in the past.  Lots of socks were involved:

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Jenn said...

Oh Mary! He's adorable! Love the cat butt :)

Julie said...

The cutest!!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments! I thought the cat butt was pretty funny! ~mary~