Monday, May 30, 2016

The Mads are Back!

Continuing with more MST3K!

Inspired from the invention exchange from the episode The Day the Earth Froze (Episode 422), I made my own Unhappy Meal container!
Watch the above video from about the 57 second mark to see what the deal is.
For those who don't want to watch the video or maybe you are reading this years into the future and the video is now defunct and everything has been replaced by holographic interpretative dancing robots or something:  

Dr. Forrester has taken all of TV's Frank's 401K retirement fund and sunk it into these fast food novelty items.  The Unhappy Meal is a sad little receptacle containing a really awful 'toy', such as floor sweeping compound, silver fish, or rusty suture needles. 
 I thought it would be neat to make my own Unhappy Meal that was a little more substantial (not made from cardboard) and have it serve as a reusable lunch box. I see it fulfilling it's unhappiness in the future by containing low cal salads, cardboard flavored granola bars, and vitamin water.  I started by using a real cardboard Happy Meal box as a template and traced it onto stiff felt pieces.  I then sewed all of the seams on my sewing machine.  The felt appliques on the outer parts I handmade and then hot glued them on. I had a difficult time making the letters and wished they had turned out looking a bit more 'unhappy'.

One of the last items that Dr. Forrester mentions that one may find in their Unhappy Meal is a used Q-Tip. 
 That is unhappy isn't it?

 I decided to make a few packages of "Used Q-Tips" to include with my Unhappy Meal box. These are even more unsettling because they are edible!  They are mini marshmallows dipped in melted butterscotch chips attached onto lollipop sticks.

Where am I really going with all of this?
Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu are getting back together for several live riffing shows around the country and happened to come to a town near me!  I handed out the used Q-Tips to friends (and The Mads) at the show.

I got both of their autographs on small pieces of fabric (the dang marker bled though!) to put on my Unhappy Meal Box!

"To Mary...Crow T. Robot....Trace" and a Crow doodle.

"Thanks Mary!.... Frank Conniff....("TV's Frank").... I want my money back!"
I asked him to write that money line since he (and Joel and the bots) said it so much during the episode.
I then sealed the fabric with mod podge and hot glued it down for posterity.

For their show it started with an interview with the Mads, then followed with their live riffing of a short and a movie.  The short they did was a 1952 Coronet Instructional Film called "More Dates for Kay" can imagine what most of those cracks were geared toward.  The movie was Universal Film's 1957 "The Monolith Monsters".  The movie actually has a story line along with bizarre 'monsters' (large towering rocks) so it made for exceptional riffing.

It was a grand time and I tried my best to contain my raging fangirl fever I have only for MST3K.

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Jenn said...

That's amazing,Mary!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn! I had planned on using the Unhappy Meal box for a lunch container but now I am a bit nervous and don't want my autographs getting all mucked up by someones peanut butter and jelly sandwich!