Thursday, May 26, 2016

When I Held Your Brain In My Arms

"I used to love you a lotta...
Your medulla oblongota..."

I bought a plastic brain mold almost 20 years ago with the plan of using it to make several ceramic brain props for Hubs, his best friend and myself to go as the MST3K Observers for Halloween.  I never got around to making the fake brains but did make a blue jello brain in lieu recently.

"Now I am sorry that I dropped you
That I accidentally plopped you...
When I held your brain in my arms"

I made this edible, ploppable brain with blue jello but to make it opaque I used blue poweraid as the 'cold water' part of the instructions on the box.  I also added powdered sugar free lemonaid mix (those individual pouches that you can add to a bottle of water) to the mix before putting it in the fridge.  I think the lemonade flavor was a really good addition to what ever the blue jello flavor is supposed to be.  I have never been clear on the source or the true flavor of a blue razzberry.

If you happen to have a brain mold laying around for 20 years like I did and also happen to make a Observer blue jello brain in a bowl as well, may I suggest the appropriate dining music?

(From MST3K Episode 807: Terror From The Year 5000)

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