Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Farewell

All ghoul things must come to a dead end.

There are still several activities from this year's festivities (and last year for that matter)  that I didn't have time to photograph and post about. 

Just a few things include: going to the Fair, making cotton candy spider webs, and visiting a homemade "Creep Town". We also were a part of a Halloween fashion show (we reprised our "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"- Soggy Bottom Boys costumes ) and were in the local newspaper.  They played 'Man of Constant Sorrow' during our modeling and we danced down the runway similar to how the Soggy Bottom Boys danced on the stage in the movie.  It was such fun and the crowd was hooting and hollering.

 We started a new tradition called the Pumpkin Pitch this year.  The Pumpkin Pitch is were one of us gets to drop/ toss/ chunk the rotting jack-o-lantern from the top of a 6 foot ladder to the dirt below to compost away.  I would like to try it from the roof next year!  Already making plans for next Halloween!

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