Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buy S'more!

It's Girl Scout cookie week here at MHICTY! 

Girl Scouts have been carrying on the tradition of selling cookies since 1917. 
One of the primary reasons was to fund camps and camping trips.

"Cookie Money is camping money!"

 And at these camping excursions another Girl Scout tradition commences.  No, I'm not talking about dunking a sleeping scout's hand in warm warm or 'Light as a feather, stiff as a board".  I'm talking about S'mores!  The Girl Scouts claim fame to popularizing the now classic campfire treat.  They were introduced in 1925 through the Girl Scout Leader publication with the name 'Somemore'.
And I happened to find an image of that very recipe:

image source

Want s'more S'mores?

Girl Scout cookie time is upon us! Keep an eye out for two new commemorative S'more flavored cookies that have been added to the line up this year as part of the 100 year celebration of Girl Scout cookies!

Girl Scout Camp Postcard circa 1945

During the time I spent in Girl Scouts I went to Camp one summer.  I was a Brownie so I only went during the day for 1 week. I remember swimming, doing crafts, folding the flag, and cooking in aluminum foil pouches.  I still love camp cooking with those 'hobo packs'. I also think I could fold the flag with no remedial lessons today.  I remember that one of the requirements to go to camp was you had to wear knee socks, I guess to keep the nettles and chiggers away.  My mom bought me a set of the coolest tube socks.  They were each a different shade of pastel with the two bands at the top being in white.  I loved those socks.  I wore them so much that I wore them out.  I then cut them to make matching dresses for my Barbies to wear to the 'Social Event of the Season' ...a wedding of two of my other Barbies.  All of the pastel socks looked great on the bridesmaids!

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