Sunday, January 15, 2017

You are getting very skinny.....

Weight Control Through Hypnosis 1966

The last installment of my "Let's dump the junk in the truck this New Year".  (Selections of vintage dieting publications and advice, from my collection.)

"You will now enter a deep state of concentration..."
When all else fails the last resort for weight loss is through hypnosis!  I picked this record up at a thrift store for it's bizarre-ness.

"By listening to this recording and adhering to the instructions, you will find that the fears, temptations, and compulsions which interfere with your desire to control weight will disappear and will be replaced by complete confidence and a self-assurance in your ability to think thin and be thin."

The thought process behind using hypnosis for weight control is that by sharpening concentration, a sub-conscious focus will develop and the goal of loosing weight can be achieved.
I have listened to this record a couple of times but it won't work for me.  I can't acquire a deep soothing sense of relaxation.  That and I think hypnosis is a load of BS.

"The first several times you play this recording will serve as a conditioning period so do not expect "Instant" results."

Maybe that's part of my problem.  I challenged my newly focused mind after the first listening session with a bag of Funyuns.  The Funyuns won.
"Visualize yourself as you want to be. you can and will loose the weight you desire.  you will adhere to the diet. you will feel thin.  you feel alive and have confidence in yourself.  you can and will loose weight, you have self control."

The best practical use I have extracted from this album is to repeat those lines as a constant pep talk in ones' own conscience mind.  The record is also suppose to instill a control mechanism to resist temptation of not eating those delicious Funyuns.

"The count of 3-2-1-0 is a post-hypnotic suggestion which you should use when you feel a compulsion to overeat or deviate from your diet."

The practical lesson from this is to come up with your own trick for will power.  Mine is to pinch an inch (several actually) in my blubbery mid section and tell myself to start contemplating my Fat Lady Side Show name....Mountainous Mary?  or perhaps the Husky Honey?

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I think I am just too stubborn to be hypnotized ...but I bet I could be the hypnotist!  Let's try.
Concentrate on the swirling circle and focus on my words.
Now relax.  You are now entering a realm of krispy kreme donuts, barbecue potato chips, and double chocolate fudge brownies warm from the oven.  They will not be delicious from this moment on.  When you see, smell, or taste them they will be reminiscent of a cat shit pie with a crunchy cockroach topping.  Repeat this to shit pie... crunchy cockroach shit pie...
Now count from 1 to 5. You will then be wide awake and mentally alert.  And not hungry for any food what so ever!

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