Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Never say Diet

Happy New Year! 
 It's always about this time of year that folks make New Year resolutions about all sorts of life changing things to improve finally having that prehensile tail removed.  Then by February reality sets back in...a Side Show career option would come to an abrupt end without that extra appendage! Better hang on to it! 

I am really mostly talking about the ever popular resolution to diet, loose weight, eat right, blah, blah, blah.

My thoughts generally turn to this "resolution" every January too...but it's not because it's a New Year's goal.  It's because the past 3 months of holidays have been filled with calorie, sugary, carbby, buttery goodies that have added some extra heft I would prefer to be rid of.   

I have a few vintage dieting items that I thought I would share through several posts in association with this weighty topic.  However, I am going to show the lighter side of them. If you choose to actually use any of their advise or suggestions in your own weight loss plan I assume no responsibility of the results.

These images come from The Better Homes and Gardens Diet Book, 1955. 

Plain and simple!

Exercise machines (and horses?) debunked!

Why you little.....!

I'm too smug with my mountain of fibrous foliage to be tempted with your yummy gravied delicious dumplings!

Even though this book is from the 1950s it seems to contain useful and real weight loss expertise that relates to today...except when it comes to the meal option plans they suggest.  Salmon souffle and Jellied beef tongue for lunch?!  Crazy people!  Those are breakfast dishes!

Another option in line with this whole New Year resolutions and diet thing is to go in the opposite direction.  Gain weight!   Make that Side Show dream come true without the tail!

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