Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Samoas Cookie Gang Cake

We all have our favorite Girl Scout cookie.  I am a member of the Samoas gang, so stay on your side of the street Thin Mints!  It was Samoas coconutty goodness that inspired me to write "Coconut Life" on myself with a Sharpie marker as part of my initiation.  For those who love coconut as much as myself I recommend making this monster sized cookie (cake!) inspired by Samoas Girl Scout Cookies. Bake it for your next gang get together!

This cake may be the best tasting cake I have ever made.  It has beat out Coconut Pineapple Cake from 2005. And has given  Potato Chip Sweet Potato Cake from 2016 a run for it's money.  I followed the instructions for the frosting and topping from this Samoa bundt cake recipe.  For the cake part I used a German chocolate cake mix.
  It is a lot of work to make, having to toast the coconut and keeping a fire extinguisher (more on that here) at the ready, but so worth it. In true Mary style I did mix it up a bit though. The main deviation I made from the recipe is I used butterscotch ice cream topping/syrup instead of caramel. It's what I already had on hand (Harry Potter Butter Beers!).  I know that caramel is really key to authenticate a Samoas cookie. But I am a firm follower of the WWII motto "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do" every day of the year.  I even think the butterscotch could be an improvement.

My real Girl Scout gang.
While I was in Brownies during my second and third grade years my fellow scouts were my true friends.  They were the friends that I would stay the night with and visit each other's homes.  I remember that I had only one big themed birthday party during my elementary school years.  It was a Cabbage Patch Kids slumber party.  Everyone was to bring over their CPK dolls and I got one as my main birthday present that year.  The guests were all of my dear Brownie friends.


Jenn said...

I was a Girl Scout and now my youngest is one (very different from when I was in!). If I was a coconut fan, I'd give the cake a try. It does look tasty! I'm firmly in the Tagalong camp!

On a side note...do you a recipe for those Butter Beers?

Have a great day!


my house is cuter than yours said...

Tagalongs are my second fav!

To make Butter Beers we fill a glass with cream soda, stir in a teaspoon or so of butterscotch ice cream syrup/topping (the kind in the glass jar), then top it with Reddi Whip. We like to keep several cans of cream soda, along with the other ingredients, stashed in the fridge for impromptu Harry Potter movie watching.


Jenn said...

Thanks, Mary! That sounds delicious! I'll have to put the ingredients on my grocery list!