Friday, January 13, 2017

Hollywood Bread Diet Plan

Welcome to the third installment in my "Reduce your rear for the New Year" postings.
A buffet of vintage diet paraphernalia.  Take what you eat and eat what you's all zero calorie!

Tucked inside my Reduce with the Low Calorie Diet Book were two little bonus diet pamphlets to be used in conjunction with bread consumption.  A diet bread!

"Hollywood bread has extra protein, minerals, vitamins and low in fats! A secret blend of 16 special grain and vegetable flours, containing no shortening!"

The brand with a diet plan!

Each day's meals consists primarily of a total of 6 slices of bread.

It's THINly sliced!
And only 46 calories each.

I find this bread very interesting.  It's like Slim Fast in slice form.  
The best part of this diet plan is not an ounce of sweetbreads or congealed meats are involved!

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