Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mad Hatter Tea Cookies

Mad Hatter Cookies from the second Grand National Pillsbury Bake Off 1950 by Junior winner Frances Chunko, Washington, Pennsylvania.

"These cookies really look like hats.  You can decorate them as you choose-with gumdrops, nuts, and confectioner's sugar frosting."

  I decided to decorate them in a Christmas theme rather than the spring bonnet deal they originally had going on (see photo on the very bottom of post).  I made a mini batch of cream cheese icing (cream cheese left over from making the Peanut Whirligig Cookies) and decorated them in holiday sprinkles.

Mad Hatter Tea Cookies Recipe:

These are one of my favorites in the box.  They should have won a big cash prize.  I would definitely make them again but will have to come up with a more fun hat design.   These are just too Easter bonnet for me. Mr. Husband Sir thought they kinda looked like UFOs so maybe I can work with that.

{These cookies are one of six Grand National Pillsbury Bake Off winners that I baked for Christmas gifts as shown in this Good Housekeeping magazine ad from December 1951.}

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