Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Missouri Waltz Brownies

Best of Class Senior $1,000 winner Missouri Waltz Brownies from the second Grand National Pillsbury Bake Off 1950.
By Mrs. Natalie Townes of Kirksville, Missouri

"These brownies were favorites of Mrs. Townes when she was a child.  The double frosting of creamy peppermint and melted chocolate make them as rich and good as candy.  Children love them!"

Of all the treats in the box, these are the ones I took the most detours on with the recipe.  As I was realizing the work I had taken on with making 6 different treats I started to think what could I shortcut.  The brownies were the easy volunteer to be made from a mix...but I did use a Pillsbury one!  I made the icing in the middle as directed, almost.  Instead of using peppermint flavoring and green food coloring, I added pulverized candy canes and let it be pink.  I did do the whole candy thermometer thing though with the icing which was a first for me. The other alteration to the recipe I did was putting crushed candy canes on the top, which was an improvement, both with flavor and from a visual aspect.

Missouri Waltz Brownies Recipe

Of all the treats in the box I have gotten the most compliments over the brownies.  They are one of my favorites in the set also.  I am a bit bummed I wasn't able to get the side slice look with the separate layers like the photo on the top.  My icing was a thinner layer and kinda collapsed under the heft of the chocolate on top.  Luckily the crushed candy cane prettied it up!
{These cookies are one of six Grand National Pillsbury Bake Off winners that I baked for Christmas gifts as shown in this Good Housekeeping magazine ad from December 1951.}


Jenn said...

Yum! These look delicious! I love chocolate and mint together. Will definitely have to write this one down to try at some point!

my house is cuter than yours said...

These took extra work making the icing but were a favorite! Very Rich!