Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bake A Gift For Christmas

While reading through my copy of Good Housekeeping December 1951 during the Thanksgiving break I came across this ad suggesting to "Bake a Gift for Christmas" using 6 different winners from the first (1949) and second (1950) Pillsbury Grand National Bake Off.  Since I entered the 48th Bake Off this year it seamed to be destiny that I was to make this boxed cookie buffet.

"There's warm satisfaction in giving a gift that you made with your own hands.  There's satisfaction in receiving such a gift.  This year, wouldn't you like to bake these prize-winning holiday cookies and take this very personal way of saying "Merry Christmas" to the ones you love!"

Yeah, sure, why not. Satisfaction all around.  Baking 6 different cookies sounds like the kind of over the top challenge that I normally take on.   

I also wasn't going to miss a chance to display them as suggested!  Complete with candy cane emblazoned green wrapping paper and red cellophane lining!

From left to right:
1. Cherry Winks 1950 by Mrs. Ruth Derousseau, Rice Lake, Wisconsin. 5,000 winner.
2. Missouri Waltz Brownies1950 by Mrs. Natalie Townes, Kirksville, Missouri. $1,000 winner.
3.  Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies 1949 by Miss Laura Rott, Naperville, Illinois. $10,000 winner.
4.  Cameo Tea Cookies 1950 by Miss Esther Potenberg, Pasadena, California.
5.  Mad Hatter Cookies 1950 by Frances Chunko, Washington, Pennsylvania.
6.  Peanut Whirligigs 1950 by Mrs. May Kendrick, Akron, Ohio.

Three of the cookies are high prize winners totaling $16,000!!!  That's definitely something worth mentioning to the recipient.
I made 3 sets of these for family members and then packaged up some in smaller boxes for friends.

For the large sets for family I decorated the boxes as seen below with a copy of the ad included for viewing pleasure.  Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself!
For the next 5 posts I will be presenting each cookie and it's recipe along with any alterations/tips/ opinions of mine.  (The first cookie, Cherry Winks, is covered in a past post.)

"Bake a Gift for Christmas" next year yourself!
I always suspected that Satisfaction was a cookie!


Jenn said...

What fun, Mary! I love the way you packaged them up with the ad on the box. Very cute!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn! Ever so often I impress even myself! Ha!