Friday, December 20, 2019

Boxed Up Merry Christmas Wreath

{New Holiday finds for this season, from the awesome hoard}

The last of the awesomeness I picked up in one big swoop is this styrofoam and festooning wrapped wreath in it's original box. And it still works!

I also got a vintage Thanksgiving papery thing that I'll show next year.  All of this amazing stuff cost me only.......
25 bucks!!!

After my friend and I clutched our goodies and made it back to the car we were just dumb struck.  Did that really happen?  Was all of that amazing stuff really there?  Because we didn't put a dent into what all she had for sale.  I would love to see the things that she has in her personal collection.  She was getting rid of so much stuff I can't imagine what kind of storage she has for it all.  The thought crossed my mind that maybe she has her whole house always decorated for Christmas. 
It made me think of this crappy movie I saw called "Deuces Wild" which is set in the 1950s.  The only redeeming scenes are the ones where Debbie Harry keeps her house decorated for Christmas year round. 

One last "new" item up next!

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