Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Christmas Wrapped Up

"Well I don't know what to say except it's Christmas and we're all in misery!"
~Ellen Griswold
National Lapoon's Christmas Vacation

I thought you all might get a kick out of the top photo.  It's what happened to my perfect rows of Santas when they all decided to flip off the top of the china cabinet in a hyper speed domino effect, pulling each other down the backside by their connecting light string.  I managed to grab them from hitting the ground and had to place them in a jumble until I had a few extra hands to sort them out.

This season was a hectic one. We had some of the family going out of town for the holidays and then we were asked to do "Christmas" with a two day notice early in December.  We obviously weren't going to have gifts done at that point so now we have to get together yet again after the holidays.  For some people out there who enjoy their loved ones this would not be a problem but we have a particular member on this side that loves to bitch and whine and make everyone miserable.  Last year she said it could be her last Christmas and then again told that to us this year.   She doesn't really believe this, it's just her martyr motto.  I've just come up with a great gift idea for her!  A holiday shirt all decked out in red and green, with the saying "This could be my last Christmas" printed across the front in the same fun font that one would have 'Seasons Greetings"!
The holiday decorating really kicked my ass this year, taking nearly a full week to complete.  I think I am at the point of max capacity on holiday decor, which is a bit sad to me since I love to collect it.  I'll have to let some stuff go if I want to add any more.  A friend of mine and I are planning to have a big craft sale next year with a focus on vintage Christmas so at least I can enjoy finding fun pieces for that over the next year, without adding to my hoard.   Mr. Husband and I had a good time doing some after Christmas shopping at all the thrift stores in our town and even the next one over, hunting down wonky and random Christmas stuffs. I don't find too many mid century vintage Christmas items anymore at thrift stores anyway.  For the sale I am going to be leaning more toward the tackiness of the late century, 1970-90s, lots of bears and granny crochet!  
I was thinking about what is my real problem with December, and it's that I have two full time work loads: Christmas and everything else I do as a housewife.  I have discussed this with Mr. Husband and next year in December I am not washing dishes or making dinners, he will be. Which works out that I'll only have to rewash half the dishes and the walls and counter tops that will be splashed with food, but this is still a help for me.
Every year I usually find myself so overwhelmed I am proclaiming quite loudly that I hate Christmas, at least this year I never said that but did tell a cashier at the grocery store I was a woman on the edge.
All and all, the holiday wasn't that bad.  We had friends over for dinner who were amazed (not horrified) by our overwhelming holiday decor, we watched all of our favorite movies, and ate a lot of cookies and treats, diet be damned.
 And of course I am already making plans for next year so I guess I haven't been disgusted enough to give up on the holiday just yet.

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