Sunday, December 01, 2019

It's the holiday season!

To kick off the month I am going to be showcasing all of the new vintage additions we have picked up over the year to add to our ever growing christmas collection.
First and foremost is this amazingly adorable ceramic deer candle holder by Holt Howard.  Mr. Husband Sir got it for me for christmas last year.  We have several books featuring vintage christmas stuff and I happened to show a photo of this darling to him, just mentioning that it was the kind of thing I would never come across at an estate sale, much less a thrift store.  Just talking and doing my normal over analyzing thing and I was certainly not hint dropping.  Matter of fact I don't want to think what he paid for it but oh my gosh, can you stand it's cuteness?!?!

This year's Christmas haul is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  We wound up finding a bunch of great things right after Christmas and since the house was still decorated I got a jump start for this season by photographing everything back then.   Good for me!  Only we have since then collected up even more great stuff so I do still have some photographing to do.  We found so much this year I may have to do double posts for some days.  I say enjoy the bounty now because the well is going to run dry in a few short years.

I know a few days ago on here I was thinking about maybe, possibly reducing my Christmas stash, but I take that all back!  I love me some Christmas crap!



jungle dream pagoda said...

What a prize !!!! Mr Husband Sir is quite the savvy gift giver !
All of your new stuff is terrific ! I did not have good luck this year ! Luckily, I have enough Xmas Kitsch to change it up !

my house is cuter than yours said...

There are some years that I don't find much myself. We just happened to luck out this year!