Friday, December 27, 2019

Jell-O Jingle Jells

{From Chatelaine Magazine 1959}

With all the heavy sugar laden desserts and cookies we have had around the house I decided to put together something more on the light side, a Jell-O dessert called Jingle Jells!  I used sugar free Jell-O and sugar free cool whip.  I made the mistake of not following the directions (which sound like Jell-O Jigglers) and didn't make my jello firm enough to hold the bell shapes easily.  I wound up having to put my bells in the freezer to firm them up.  While I was in the freezer a more efficient person would have remembered to take the cool whip out to defrost but no.  My whipped topping is not beautiful and fluffy because I had to ...microwave it... for a few seconds to defrost it, so it turned out a touch runny.
  It's a simple concoction but the holiday hectic hell has gotten me to the point I can't even make Jell-O right.
It tasted just fine though, damn it.

A tip that the Jell-O folks didn't let on about is how to keep the red side red and the green side green.  
To keep them separated I had PB hold a plate vertically in the middle of the bowl while I scooped equal amounts of 
jell-o on each side.  Once full just slip the plate out! 

{click on image to enlarge for recipe}


Jennilee said...

I was wondering how you would get the Jello so nicely separated in the bowl. Very clever! It looks lovely, even though I don't eat Jello :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jennilee! Why no Jello? Is it the texture?


Jennilee said...

Yes! I just can't stand it! *shudder* I don't like gummie candies either.