Tuesday, May 16, 2006

cheap cheap cheap!!!

Viva Las Vintage, a small vintage and pop culture boutique in my town is packing up and getting the hell out of here...and I don't blame them. They have great stuff but the prices are just too rich for the Redneck Riviera. I am sad to see them go since I was hoping to have Dixie Doll Trinkets carried there . Dixie Doll Heather and I went by and snagged some deals that were actually cheap. Here's what I picked up:

What do I have in my cute and oh so regiftable leopard print bag?

Well, this very cool book for $7. It seems to have quite a few neat ideas. Oh, wait, I'm sorry..."AMAZING how-to projects". That's better.

21 bad ass postcards for .25 each, they were $1 originally.

I am soo loving this darling NOS vintage dress with the original belt and tags! Such a gorgeous color combo of yellow and grey. It needs to be taken in a bit but for 5 bucks, I'll take that challenge on. I may even do a little re-con and/or embriodery to it....... The tag said $35 originally.

Peoples! Is this not the cutest? A vintage, handmade darling of an apron and......
only $1!!!(originally $10)

I love me some vintage beaded sweaters. Most of mine I bought from this same boutique
and man are they expensive(like 50-60 bucks, yikes!). This one isn't in perfect condition but fits nicely and was just 5 bucks (originally $30).

Okay, shopping spree over. I really think I kept myself in control and only got stuff I am going to use and wear. There were some lovely jewels but even at 30% off they were still pricey and I held back. Be proud of me!


ps... don't forget to check out the deets (aka details, i just made that word up!) on me and sarah's apron/recipe swap! The guestlist is about RSVP'ed out!


MaryAnn said...

Um, hello, can I send you some money and you can buy me fabulous stuff from your shop that's going out of town?! Seriously?!

Sarah said...

holy smokes! SCORE!!!!!!

Too bad they're closing, but at least you got some swell deals out of it.

my house is cuter than yours said...

hey mary ann,

actually this sale happend last week! i just hadn't got a chance to post about it til now! sorry!


Handmade Girl said...

What a coincidence... Today I was holding the super-crafty book in my hands wondering if I could find it cheaper elsewhere. Love that gray and yellow dress.

Pink Rocket said...

omg! what fabulous deals!! i have a dress that i need to send you! i bought it years ago with the intention to have it taken in but i really won't have a place to wear it! it's a swanky cocktail style dress...i'll have to email you!

Barb said...

Gasp! Fist of all, what a bitchin name--Viva Las Vintage. Are they going out of business or just moving? What a shame. Great deals though! Love the dress and the apron!

justJENN said...

"Sorority Sluts".

Thien-Kim said...

I love that apron! What a great deal for $1. I'm into bright orange lately.

MARYBETH said...

the thrift Fairies must be swirling around you!!!!
I am very proud of YOU for staying on budget and NOT going BONKErS over the jewels! Takes lots of stregth and discipline to NOT do that!!
If I sewed Id gleefully join the SWAP-but-alas, I have yet to learn this critical skill.

ness said...

those postcards are so cool! You very lucky lady

Marianne said...

Gorgeous apron! Did you know the lady used in the Viva Las Vintage ad is Bev Robinson, a tattooist from Melbourne Australia?http://webauthb.rutgers.edu/group_c/paulapaper1/cindy.html