Monday, May 29, 2006

Frost n' Bake Fudge Cake

Household magazine April 1954

Wow! It's AMAZING! You frost it before you bake it?! Surely you jest, how can that be?

Believe it friends! Is this not the coolest idea? This cake is easy and fun to make. You can't go wrong flavor-wise with a chocolate frosted white cake. But I'll tell you what is even better! A chocolate frosted strawberry cake! Next time, my darlings, next time!

And btw, do photos of lady's sticking their heads in ovens freak you out as much as okay, forget I said anything. But to further my argument, think Sylvia Plath.

Ahhhhhhh....okay, let's have some cake, shall we?




Miss RM said...

Very nice! I recently discovered the same recipe in a copy of Household magazine and have been meaning to try it.

Anonymous said...

ooooo! that looks YUMMY! Sweetened condensed milk? Yes, please! The pecans look perfect, too! I might have to try that one out (if my kitchen is ever finished and clean enough for me to cook ever again, that it! LOL! Drywall and plaster dust are not a very good seasoning, i have recently found! ;)

Shanna said...

ooh i've been craving cake! is the frosting like frosting or is it cake like?

Anonymous said...

this rocks-thank you!! must try pronto

my house is cuter than yours said...

the frosting is kinda fudge-ish just in a thinner layer. it's very good!

elizabeth said...

i may have to give this a try! so it was good?

Miss RM said...

I tried it today! Very tasty and worth the effort - but yours came out looking waaay prettier than mine. I lost a fair bit of chocolate on the wax paper - perhaps I waited too long before removing it?

PinkPeanutButter said...

Ohh yummy yummy!!!!

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I agree, what is it about those head in oven pictures? Mama ran out of her happy pills today -

How come I can see some of your pictures, and not others? wierd.