Sunday, May 14, 2006

mother's day

the boy expressing his mother's day wishes to me.

i wore my MOM tattoo as planned! YAY!


Handmade Girl said...

So cute! Love the "tattoo".

MARYBETH said...

The picture is precious ~
What a HANDSOME little dude!
With the COOLEST MOM on the block!

elizabeth said...

happy mother's day to you! your little guy is too cute!

Sarah said...

So...I couldn't find my mom tattoo! I suck! do you think it'll still be good next year?

Gina said...

Hope you had a happy Mothers day. Love the photo, it's beautiful. Charming in black and white.

two rabbits said...

awesome photo. i love the mom tattoo idea.

happy late mom's day!