Sunday, May 21, 2006

peek a boo!

Greetings! Meet my friend and hubby to Dixie Doll Heather , the Baron Von Doren of Nightmare Theatre. Don't let his glum look depress you, he is smiling on the inside.
This weekend I went to my first sci-fi convention called mobicon . Nightmare Theatre were guests and presented a few vintage horror gore movie trailers along with the 'big screen' public viewing of a film called "Frankenstein's Bloody Nightmare" which was written/directed/produced and acted by a local guy by the name of mr. john r. hand. The Nightmare Theatre duo had small acting roles in the film as well. I had a great time, so many strange tales to tell.... but let's get on to the tie.... Since the Baron's character is a minor demon and with his new red suit making a debut this weekend and all, I made a devilish inspired fashion accessory for him called a peek a boo tie. Peek a boo ties were primarily popular during the 40's and 50's. The front of the tie seems tame but when the underside is exposed an ohh la la show is revealed under the flaps.



I designed and handpainted the art on the front of the tie. The peek a boo devil girl artwork is by Coop and is an iron on transfer I made on the computer. I don't feel that the tie is complete just yet, so I will have to borrow it back at some point to add some more details.

As far as interesting tales from this weekend go.....let's girlfriends and I were approached to wear hand woven chain bras in very unprofessional pornish type pics that also involved a stuffed Wile. E. Coyote toy, saw a guy wearing a pink lady's slip with a design on the front that said "Sorry, I'm a lady" along with his 'package' fairly obvious, saw 2 of the hugest vats of ramen noodles ever, and had 2 guys let us call them our puppies (which we got to name them: Domino and little nicky) and they followed us around and fetched things for us. Since we had guest passes, Heather and I had people believing we were in a horror film where we were silly screamer type girls. I just thought of something...ha ha ha... we should have just screamed and asked if they recognized us from that...damn, next time.


MARYBETH said...

You are a tremendous artist! THe pic would make a great valentine card!

Pink Rocket said...

ack! the tie is fabulous!! love the red suit!!

i saw these guys perform at the UFO festival in town...I thought of you when I saw them (

amanda button said...

Jus when i think you can't possibly getting ANY cooler, you always come out with some other way groovy thing! :) I LOVE it!!!!
We always talk about going to Dragoncon, but somehow, we never make day, i swear i will get to a sci-fi con, i am determined!

Lori said...

You are such a fabulous life! How cool is the tie and a sci-fi con to boot!

Lori said...

I meant to say HAVE... as in "you have such a fabulous life".... I hate typos...
Lori (again)

Jennifer said...

Devilishly clever, as always, my dear!

Monica said...

very cool i like Morbicon

Someone used to call me Morbica and i Ioved it :)