Sunday, May 28, 2006

Let's make pie!

serving up swapatorium leftovers!


Ahhh... Prunes! They aren't just mother nature's secret helper anymore! Now they can be served up in a dessert as seen here in Prunes n' Cream Pie! Sounds appetizing, right? This recipe comes from the American Home magazine, February 1958. I can't recall the last time I have seen a recipe that involved prunes since they featured 'Hot Prune Toddy'* in Smooth Move Monthly, a Guide for Swinging Senior Living. Prunes really do get a bad rap don't they? Poor things are looked upon with such ill repute to the point that if you do buy them they get hidden under a box of Fruity Pebbles in the grocery cart. All they want to do is help you out. Enter this recipe, a combination of necessity with a bit of splendor. The dessert's presentation give prunes a touch of glamour that they normally aren't credited with while the ingredients contribute to a good colon cleansing. This recipe could very well be the solution in overcoming the country's prune stigma!

As you can see my pie didn't turn out quite as lovely looking as it's predecessor. It was fairly tasty though. I really do recommend giving prunes a chance, they want to make friends. If it helps just think of them as dried plums. Also, make sure to keep in mind that end results and outcome may vary....if you know what I mean.


(click to enlarge)

*note: props to my mom for coming up with the term 'Hot Prune Toddy'. she is a nurse and when she presents prune juice to her patients she calls it this. funny, huh?


A.T.S. said...

Hi! Good job with the pie~ it easily looks as good as the picture! Even though it is a garish looking fruit, I can attest to the flavour of prunes- in particular, prune juice with a little Malibu ;)

my house is cuter than yours said...

prune juice and malibu?...interesting...may have to try it out!

Lady Diana said...

Oooh, prunes... I haven't had those in a while.

I used to love them, like I could eat a whole box in a day (don't remember what it did to my stomach though). The weird thing is that, I think I was like 5-8 years old when I was into them.