Friday, May 20, 2016

As-You-Like-It-Cake with Three-Way Frosting

{Good Housekeeping Magazine Oct. 1949}

Easy! Economical!

Even more so since I used the left over batter from the Cake Casserole to bake this!

PB and I staged this photo to look like the original image!  I tried to get him to let me paint his fingernails red but it was a no go.

Once again I did not follow the recipe much.  I didn't even bake the cake part from scratch.  It was the 'extra' from another previous recipe. I also didn't make homemade frosting as it directs.... But I did get to use up the last of the tubs of chocolate and cream cheese icing I had leftover in my fridge!  The recipe calls for an orange flavored icing section but I thought it looked yellow in the photo which translated in my mind as lemon.  As in prefab lemon frosting in the tub! I added a little bit of yellow food coloring to it to boost it's color saturation. As I always say, the recipe is a mere serving suggestion. I see this cake as one would see a casserole or stew to use up leftovers.  Little bits of this and that.  Even the nuts on the cake in the middle section were the last crumbles left in the bag!

Here is the true recipe if you don't have leftover cake and icing hanging around like I did!

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Recipe image found here


Jenn said...

That looks awesome, Mary! Just like the picture :) PB should have let you paint that one nail :) haha!

Will have to give this recipe a try, too. I agree that the frosting looks yellow!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I don't think I would have liked orange frosting anyway! Lemon is yummy though!