Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Decennial MHICTY: 10 year Blogiversary GALA!!!

Welcome to
My House Is Cuter Than Yours
Decennial Gala Event!!

Come on in!
I am so glad you were able to make it to the Gala!
Let's head down to the Rumpus Room!

You can place your wrap in here...
Oh... This is Jean.  Don't mind her.
She kinda started the party a few hours ago.
 Just pile your stuff on her. But be warned...any loose change she claims it!

Let's move on!  
I have a few friends I want you to meet! 
Ok... Act cool... Remember those red carpet folks I told you about?
This is Gene and Pat.  They own Red Carpet Rentals Limited of Nebraska!
For all your fancy gala carpet rental needs give them a call!
Since we are friends I got a discount on that red carpet you saw in the entry way!
Man, they are sooo cool!

Hey guys! 
Having a good time? Good! Good! 
See you later for the limbo contest!

Oh...Watch out.
Here comes Big Mouth Burnice....  
I told her I would only let her come to the Gala if she helped out and kept her trap shut.
Grab a libation and some nibbles from her but be quick about it.  She loves to tell folks about her 10 year plan!

Hey there Burnie! Looking good!

 Let's make our way to the buffet!  I had the best food put there anyway!
Help yourself and enjoy!

I went all out!  Every way meat can be manipulated....
potted, sliced, diced, boiled, processed, cubed, jellied and olive laden!

Don't forget to try some delicious sandwich loaf.. olive laden as well!

Lots of lamb and relish delicacies!
Not quite sure what those cubed cream colored chunks are....maybe steer clear off those.

I have an array of sweets for everyone to sample as well!
The creepy clown ice cream dessert with cheez whiz facial hair is for Gladys.
But I am sure she won't mind if you try a bite.

We better get back to the party!
Miriam and Bob are about to perform their crowd pleasing accordion musical numbers!
Polka covers of all the favorites!
Such as: "No Sleep till Brooklyn", "Holiday in Cambodia", "Yes We have No Bananas"....You name it, they know it!

Get out there on the dance floor!  I'll hold your Pink Squirrel cocktail for you.

Wow!  I didn't know you knew how to do the Mashed Potato!

Speaking of delicious carbohydrates, it's time for some cake!
Don't forget to sing the Happy Blogiversery Song while I blow out the candles!

Gladys...geez..if you don't know the words to the song don't just make them up!
It's not "glad tidings of fried spam"!  It's " glad tidings of jellied ham"!

Oh? What's that you say?
A present?!
 You brought me a hostess gift?  How lovely!
Well let's see what it is!

Oh! I LOVE it!!!! Thank you so much!
I love the prison tattoo star you added on it!
It's really too much!

Oh, keep laughing Millie!
What did you get for me?

Well ooh la la!

This is such a useful item!
It will go so well with my Doll Head toilet paper cozy and toilet seat cover!

I happen to have a little gift for all of you dear guests!

A can opener with an umbrella on it!
(To keep your hand dry when you open cans in the rain!)
Ruth got me a whole box for 1.75....It pays to know people!

Well it's about time to wrap this shindig up. I have to be up early tomorrow to make it out for the Canned Cream Corn Council Convention.  (Free samples to the first 100 attendees!)

Let's end with a toast.
Martha is well known for her excellent send offs!
Everybody raise your paper dixie cups!

"Cheers to many more years
My House Is Cuter Than Yours!

May your floors always shine,
 and the marshmallow fluff salad surprise be divine.

We hope your future adventures to be quirky,
and your crafty doo-dads be perky.

We all wish you thrift scores a-plenty,
and the perfect recipe for Brown Betty!

Now it's time for us to scoot,
We understand you have to give us the boot.

Good luck with the chores,
We think your the ginchiest,
My House Is cuter Than Yours!"

That was beautiful Martha! It's worthy of a tombstone engraving!

Now everyone,
here are some straws and ziplock bags...take those drinks to go!

Move 'em on, Head 'em out!
 Thanks for coming folks! 


Jenn said...

Congratulations on your Blogiversary! What a party!

P.S. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the "cheese whiz" on the creepy clown ice cream is probably buttercream. Not quite as gross, but still creepy!

P@Damn Fine Coffee said...

Happy blogiversary!
Love the pics!

Unknown said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Thanks for always keeping it delightfully kitschy.

my house is cuter than yours said...

I WISH that it was buttercream but no...It's Cheez Wiz. Gladys is a freak.
Thanks so much for commenting and attending the Gala!